ComplianceOctober 07, 2021

Does Your Control of Work Include These 10 Key Features?

What Oil & Gas Firms Should Look For in Control of Work Software. Download this insight brief to learn more.

What's Inside

Maintenance programs are meant to keep assets and production running smoothly. Yet maintenance can hinder both safety and productivity if operational risk is not taken into account during the planning and scheduling of the maintenance tasks. Ensuring your field teams understand operational risk means connecting people, processes and assets through one, unified process. This is achieved with Control of Work (CoW) software. CoW envelopes the planning and scheduling process with critical workflows, from risk assessments and lessons learned, to real-time cumulative risk information, to ensure maintenance work is executed safely, and production targets are protected. 

Key Takeaways

  • Control of Work ensures safety is top-of-mind during the work order planning and scheduling process
  • Embracing all 10 features ensures your teams no longer follow a fallible "checklist exercise"
  • When used together, the full CoW system simplifies your teams' workflows, improving both workforce and asset utilization 

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