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LegalOctober 24, 2022

Congratulations to our 2022 Legal Innovators

One of the most exciting parts of our yearly ELM Amplify user conference is the announcement of our annual Legal Innovator Awards, which are given each year to recognize extraordinary legal operations success by our clients. At our 2022 conference in Scottsdale, AZ, we announced this year’s recipients and we’re excited to publicly share the news about these extraordinary legal and claims teams!

The Cincinnati Insurance Company

The Cincinnati Insurance Company takes an innovative and data-driven approach to engagement with their staff and panel law firms. Every project Cincinnati has undertaken with ELM Solutions centers on the primary goal of ensuring the relationship between the company, their policyholders, and their panel law firms are mutually supported.

In 2020, Cincinnati enhanced both their legal bill review and reporting capabilities with artificial intelligence and increased data integration from their claims management system. The company has also instituted an advanced process for assigning counsel to matters. For litigation, Cincinnati uses various technologies, including Passport, to help select legal counsel, review current workflow for existing firms, and identify geographic and practice areas where additional law firm support may be needed.

These steps have strengthened communication and the overall relationships that Cincinnati has with their law firms. They have been able to provide objective support for law firm performance improvement, create efficiencies in legal costs, and better support their litigation claim handler’s ability to select legal counsel for any given matter. The Passport upgrade project has allowed for unique reporting capabilities specific to the company and its data mining needs, which has resulted in more efficient reporting capabilities and the ability to also provide other business partners with valuable data.


Novartis is a leading global medicines company, using innovative science and digital technologies to create transformative treatments in areas of great medical need. The company wanted an invoicing tool to use as part of an efficient, smooth, and clear process that would foster good working relationships with outside counsel and produce a shared mindset of managing the case rather than merely paying whatever it takes.

Working with a cross-functional ELM Solutions team, Novartis customized selected Passport pages and processes used in the legal invoice review process. This approach has shown positive results in terms of efficiency, internal case management, and law firm relationships. The changes have increased the clarity of information that Novartis invoice reviewers are presented with and have made the review process more intuitive. In addition, they support the critical relationship with outside counsel firms by improving communication and collaboration.

Congratulations to The Cincinnati Insurance Company and Novartis for being our 2022 Legal Innovators!

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