HealthAugust 12, 2020

Building blocks for a strong drug diversion prevention program

Discover key components necessary to building an effective and resilient drug diversion program.

Despite 98% of healthcare executives agreeing that drug diversion occurs in hospitals, nearly four in five healthcare executives (79%) believe that most drug diversion goes undetected. How can hospitals improve diversion detection to protect patients and staff? This webinar features Kimberly New, founder of Diversion Specialists and an expert in controlled substance security, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) regulatory compliance, and institutional drug diversion. Kim specializes in helping healthcare organizations start, improve, or refine their drug diversion programs and works with various facilities, including hospitals, ambulatory centers, nursing homes, and retail pharmacies.

Key takeaways

  • Where diversion occurs in hospital systems–it’s not just patient care.
  • The framework for building an effective drug diversion program-detection investigation, adjudication, and reporting.
  • Better ways to manage DEA requirements.
  • Tools that help you be more accurate while moving faster.

Watch the webinar to learn more

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This webinar was hosted by Invistics. Invistics was acquired by Wolters Kluwer in 2023.
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