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ComplianceLegalMarch 26, 2020

Independent Director and Special Purpose Entities (SPE)

When a business transaction, usually involving commercial real estate property, calls for a Special Purpose Entity (SPE) or Independent Director (or independent managers in the case of LLCs) services, make certain you select a company that knows what to do and how to do it – Vcorp Entity Services, LLC, an affiliate of Vcorp Services, LLC.

Why would someone need an independent director?

  • The lender is going to require it. Lenders rely on this arrangement as a way of protecting their investments.
  • Borrowers, who foot the bill for the SPEs and their independent directors or managers, may profit from this requirement; because the arrangement can give a borrower access to significantly better financing rates on the loan.

What are the key characteristics of an independent director?

  • Experience:
    Directors must be qualified professionals who are able to act with intelligence, reasonableness, and reliability;
  • Independence:
    Directors should have no material ties with any lender, underwriter, bank, an insurance company, or secularization administrator.
  • Staff and Resources:
    Borrowers need an organization that can provide independent director services quickly, and has qualified professionals available whenever their services are needed.

Vcorp has provided experienced directors/managers in hundreds of transactions.
Vcorp staff can turn things around very quickly so that client's deadlines are always met.
Vcorp staff that are charged with this responsibility understand that these transactions are complex and that a lot of pieces will often fall into place at the last second.

Vcorp Entity Services is the right choice.

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