conducting due diligence in Australia
LegalCorporateJune 01, 2022

Guide to conducting due diligence in Australia

Australia is appealing for U.S. companies looking to invest and do business in this large market. Businesses are drawn to the country due to its mature business and financial infrastructure, few barriers to entry, and similar legal and corporate framework to those in the U.S.

As M&A and transactional activity saw record increases in the last few years, corporations heavily relied on their law firms and attorneys for assistance. For attorneys with clients transacting internationally, conducting due diligence in a foreign jurisdiction can be challenging. To assist clients in making sound investment decisions abroad, attorneys and legal professionals must navigate the country’s legal system, institutional infrastructure, and local rules and regulations about foreign corporate investments.

If you’re assisting your clients with transactions in this jurisdiction, check out our guide to conducting due diligence in Australia. With a focus on lien, litigation, and bankruptcy, the guide explores:

  • FAQs about lien filing and searches
  • Overview of the Australian court system and tips for conducting litigation searches
  • Key insights about bankruptcy and corporate insolvency

Access key country insights from our global experts. Download our Australia guide now.

Devlin Fisher, Global Sales Support Manager
Global Sales Support Manager
Devlin is the Global Sales Support Manager at CT Corporation. He consults with CT’s global law firm and corporate customers on matters related to global compliance.
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