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FinanceApril 16, 2023

8 Supply Chain Planning red flags

How are outdated supply planning processes impacting your revenue?

Are outdated supply planning processes impacting your revenue? If you manage gigabytes of spreadsheets or work from multiple forecasts, it may be time to integrate your supply chain planning with finance. 

Learn how to spot the most common supply chain planning “red flags” with this insightful checklist. 

  • Red Flag #1 is the reason manufacturing processes don’t meet sales and demand projections.
  • Sales, supply, and finance teams need to review Red Flag #2 to avoid inventory surplus or stockouts.
  • Red Flag #8 is the measure of supply chain planning success. 

Ready to modernize? With finance forward supply chain planning, you can:

  • Take the guesswork out of forecasting
  • Monetize stockouts and manage risk
  • Take back time and brainpower 
  • Leverage automation and advanced AI

Take the first step in transforming your supply planning. Download the checklist to learn more.

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