Put a finger to the pulse of your cash position with CCH Tagetik Smart NOW Cash Flow Planning

The CCH Tagetik Smart NOW Cash Flow Planning app equips you with the capabilities you need to forecast cash requirements and understand the cash impacts of changing market conditions.

By capturing minute-by-minute currency fluctuations and rapidly shifting interest rates, the app’s real-time, dynamic reporting tools illustrate precisely how much cash you have on hand and how much working capital you’ll need to pay the bills.

When you have to make strategic decisions in a flash, this app ensures you have cash foresight to make bold moves, while keeping the lights on. Whether you need to check the long-term sustainability of an investment, ensure overall liquidity or minimize risk, you’ll always see the full cash impact of organizational change.

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Key capabilities

Navigate unexpected events and avoid cash flow crunches. Whether change happens to your business, or you change the business, this pre-packaged app comes with the capabilities to need to see cash requirements today, while minimizing risk and gauging cash impacts down the line.

  • Instantly complete built-in reports for cash, NWC and NFP
  • Preconfigured ratios for OCF, new debt/equity, TFC, CDC
  • Monitor direct and indirect cash flow on dynamic dashboards
  • Use a standard chart of accounts and cash flow intelligence
  • Automated forecasts, projections, simulations, and what-if scenarios
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Key benefits

When you have to make hasty decisions in a time crunch, this app shows you the full picture of your immediate cash reality. Get the power to instantly generate the cash foresight you need to make the best long-term strategic direction.

  • Plan new strategies based on short- and long-term cash impacts
  • Always balance with automatic double entry logic
  • Pre-built validation and balance sheet, P&L and cash flow matching
  • Work collaboratively in a process workflow and audit trail
  • Deploy easy-to-use app quickly
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