Managing your practice remotely

If you are not accustomed to remote working, you may have concerns around the operational effectiveness of your team and processes. Using the right software and tools to continue to manage your practice remotely will give you peace of mind during any uncertainty.

Efficient and controlled workflow in Basecone

The Basecone Workflow gives you full control of the flow of documents and prevents invoices from being paid without approval. Control your authorisation flow and assign invoices automatically to the right users. Get the document approved (or rejected) and monitor the whole process carefully.

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Create a full online approval workstream

Combine CCH Practice Management with Twinfield and Basecone to create a full online approval workstream with no manual intervention. Bills, sales information and employee expenses from CCH Practice Management flow into Twinfield, and customer receipts from Twinfield’s bank feeds synchronise into CCH Practice Management where they are automatically allocated.

Integration to increase productivity

Integrating CCH Practice Management with Twinfield and Basecone also enables you to control WIP and increase productivity, as you can see the progress of jobs, time spent on them and remaining budget. CCH Practice Management alerts you about possible time drains or overruns ahead of time so you can plan more effectively.

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Manage your cash and debt

Live bank feeds in Twinfield feed into CCH Practice Management which can then automatically match cash or receipt against debts. You can then manage your expenses in Twinfield or CCH Practice Management.

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CCH Practice Management - Pre-empt credit control issues Video
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CCH Practice Management - Pre-empt credit control issues

Managing your practice through uncertain times

Working remotely does not mean reduced operational effectiveness. CCH KPI Monitoring monitors your CCH Central database. You can set ‘exception’ alerts so you’re informed, by email or text, when something has happened, or is about to happen, giving you the chance to deal with any issues before they become problems.

Stay informed

Make informed business decisions and have complete control with real-time access to your practice’s success indicators and performance tracking with CCH KPI Monitoring.

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Self-Employment Income Support Scheme report

The Chancellor has announced that the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS) grant extension will continue to provide support to the self-employed in the form of 2 further grants, each available for 3 month periods covering November 2020 to January 2021 and February 2021 to April 2021.

To help our customers identify any clients who might be affected and would qualify for this taxable grant, we have created a free report which will list any clients with self-employment or partnership income and who may be eligible to claim. Please click here to read the Knowledgebase article and download the report file from our support site. Full instructions are included in the article.

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