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We combine legal and software expertise to drive innovation, giving you want you need to excel at being a lawyer and growing your practice.

Work safe, wherever you work

Our solutions enable you to work from home or office, knowing all your data is safe in the cloud. Sync with your clients, colleagues and cases in real time on any device, wherever you are.


Focus on being a lawyer

Manage cases efficiently while keeping track of due dates and meetings to ensure quality client service. All the tools you need, in one secure ecosystem.  


Ensure business continuity

Have peace of mind knowing that your confidential data and documents are safe from unauthorised access or disaster. Our technology keeps your firm’s most valuable assets safe and ensures business continuity.

Digital data wave on a dark background
The threats to the security of data managed in computers, networks and cloud services are still on the rise, posing a genuine challenge to lawyers and their firms. A law firm must now have a more sophisticated cybersecurity strategy in place to safeguard data.
Drive innovation and change at your law firm

Our software solutions are used by over 30,000 lawyers to work safely from anywhere and collaborate in real time.

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