Drive growth and profitability

To thrive, law firms need to translate chargeable hours into revenue, wherever they work, whether it is outside a court room or working from home. As a lawyer, you need to manage the day-to-day aspects of your role, but you also need to keep track of billable work and get paid sooner. But if you’re not recording or invoicing billable time in a consistent way, and when you are not in the office, you’ll end up with inaccurate rates, lost billable hours and late billing. And, without accurate records, your firm can never really have a clear picture of who is billing what, where errors may be taking place, and how to correct any problems.  

Learn how Kleos can help you get in control of your own time with flexible case management, powerful billing and insightful reporting that help you take control of earnings, get paid and drive growth.

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