Digital documentation and invoice capture on the go

Capturing and processing invoices for bookkeeping is a small task in the bigger picture of accounting today. It is manual, mundane, paper and time intensive, ultimately affecting the profit margin on client services.

You and your clients can upload invoices easily to Basecone with a real-time connection to the enhanced web application using your phone’s camera.



Secure and efficient collaboration

Basecone automatically recognises delivered invoices and then makes a booking proposal that you or your client checks and authorises. Process documents in real-time in accounting software applications such as Twinfield, Xero and Exact Online.

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In this webinar we will guide you through the full Basecone process, from uploading documents to digitally booking transactions. We will give you tips and tricks so you can hit the ground running.


“Basecone has saved me hours of time reviewing and
approving invoices. It means I can deal with them from my phone from wherever I am without having to be sat at my desk.”


James Gifford, IT Director, Old Mill