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Kleos helps to improve the quality of life, both professionally and personally.

‘The possibility of having access to documentation, contracts or communications with clients from anywhere in the world and located on a single platform has given us great agility.’

Gracia Carabantes Abogados is a medium-sized law firm, located in Zaragoza and Madrid, which is committed to supplying legal services throughout Spain. The firm has professionals in different areas, including Civil and Commercial Law, in its various variants (corporate, bankruptcy, contractual, procedural, etc.), and provides international advice through contacts with foreign lawyers. It also assists companies and individuals from other countries in their activities in Spain. Wolters Kluwer had the pleasure of interviewing Wenceslao Gracia, partner of the firm, who gave us a detailed explanation of how he manages his cases every day with Kleos.

Life before Kleos

The partner at Gracia Carabantes points out that, before Kleos, the workload in the legal secretary’s office was much heavier. In addition, the way emails were stored was very different from the way they are stored nowadays, ‘It was a slower and more cumbersome process. That's when we decided to switch to the Kleos formula in 2016’, says Wenceslao.

Life with Kleos: work from anywhere

Having worked with Kleos since 2016, Wenceslao continues to refer to this management solution when he is with his professional colleagues. That's why Wolters Kluwer wanted to find out first-hand what benefits Kleos has brought to his office and to him in particular.

‘We travel a lot, for both professional and personal reasons. We travel around Spain and abroad all the time. I even work on the train. Therefore, the possibility of having access to documentation, contracts or communications with clients from anywhere in the world and located on a single platform has given us great agility’, says the partner of Gracia Carabantes Abogados. 

This medium-sized law firm did not need to make any changes like the one brought about by the pandemic in order to telework; they were already used to it. What's more, with Kleos Browser they don't even have to use the same computer all the time but can work from the cloud from any device. Professionals can connect to Kleos in the cloud and view the emails that have been sent to each client with just one click ‘without having to carry the same laptop everywhere’, he adds. 

Life with Kleos: document management and Outlook integration 

"Document and email management is much more agile. I don't have to wait for the email search engine to find the document and see if it corresponds to what I'm looking for; I can find it directly in the file. I used to have to ask my secretary to do all this searching but now I don't need to do that, as finding all the documentation is much easier and quicker,’ says the partner of the firm. 

Moreover, this agility is gained from different perspectives of use, given that it channels the firm’s digital transformation. ‘Receiving an email from the court representative and saving it in Kleos with the itemised documentation and the description saves me from having to print everything out’, he adds.

Wenceslao´s advice

For all these reasons, Wenceslao has recommended Kleos on numerous occasions to his colleagues, and Wolters Kluwer wanted to know what his message to them was. Wenceslao's immediate response was simple but emphatic, ‘I tell them that they will improve their quality of life, both personally and professionally. That's definitely the case’, to which he later added, ‘If it's a large office, where work supervision is important and there may be a certain turnover, Kleos facilitates both the supervision and continuity of cases without any major problem. For example, when someone leaves the office, all the case tracking is stored and accessible. On the other hand, if it is a firm of four or five partners, I would tell them that they will gain in agility by being able to perform comprehensive searches within the files, as well as have greater control of their cases wherever they are.’

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