Get the ultimate performance and real-time analysis with CCH Tagetik for SAP HANA

Get SAP HANA ready with our trusted SAP-centric solution. Optimized, tested, and certified ‘powered by SAP HANA’, CCH Tagetik for SAP HANA goes beyond basic integration and offers the ultimate in data processing performance. By combining CCH Tagetik’s market leading unified platform with SAP HANA’s in-memory technology, you’ll leverage your investment in SAP to expedite processes, harness granular data, and gain greater insights.

Close, consolidation, planning, analysis, reporting, disclosure, and compliance — complete processes faster by using a single source of validated data. Finance-owned and available on the cloud, CCH Tagetik for SAP HANA gives you the flexibility to adapt to change quickly. Enable advanced analysis and predictive analytics. Lay a foundation for artificial intelligence and machine learning. Prepare for SAP HANA and the future with CCH Tagetik today.

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3 reasons why CCH Tagetik for SAP HANA let's you focus on your business

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We were looking for a planning tool that really thinks ahead in tandem with us and that's exactly what we found with CCH Tagetik.
Christoph Siemons
CCH Tagetik was founded on the concept of having one unified system for all the applications and processes in CPM. That is matched by the total unification technology of SAP HANA, where you run everything in one place ‒ and we’re leveraging those similar approaches to deliver more information faster to finance and drive digital transformation.
Bani Brandolini
The high level of detail in the business plan was a real focus. Previously, we used a variety of solutions to handle these issues, but we were unable to come anywhere close to this kind of detail in the figures.
Christoph Siemons

Key capabilities you will gain with CCH Tagetik for SAP HANA

Improve performance. Run real-time analysis. Predict the future. CCH Tagetik for SAP HANA transforms your data into intuitive visualizations you can act on. Identify underlying trends and use actionable insights to drive your strategy forward.

  • Certified by SAP ‘powered by SAP HANA’
  • High performance, in-memory technology — no latency
  • Real-time data access and drill-thru
  • Integrates with your SAP solutions
  • Trusted by SAP as an Independent Software Vendor
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Key benefits with a solution certified 'powered by SAP HANA'

With its future roadmap and easy upgrades, CCH Tagetik for SAP HANA is the ultimate performance management platform. By extending your solution, you’ll leverage your existing investment, lower your total cost of ownership, and increase your return on investment.

  • Leverage investment in SAP
  • Improve decision making with real-time reporting
  • Anticipate the future with predictive analytics
  • Long-term roadmap and partnership
  • Be ready for SAP HANA today
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AI & Machine Learning
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Happy Customers

CCH Tagetik's CCH Tagetik for SAP HANA is trusted by leading companies across all industries.

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