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CCH Tagetik Education Program

The CCH Tagetik Academy uses a blended teaching approach that gives you the education and practice to effectively manage the software in a short timeframe. Available to all customers, partners, and distributors, our program enables both you and your team to use CCH Tagetik confidently.
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Training courses delivery

Learning paths for customers

The best to make the most out of your CCH Tagetik is to learn its capabilities, tips & tricks. We designed a dedicated learning path so you can maximize your education according to your role. Each learning path outlines the curriculum for on-boarding as a CCH Tagetik Administrator, Power User, System Administrator or End-user

In addition to these standard programs, we offer also customized programs, such as "Customized End-user training" or "Customer Competence Center" program. Dive deep into the CCH Tagetik solution and culture.

Certification paths for implementers and partners

Become a certified CCH Tagetik product expert, pro or champion. The CCH Tagetik Academy is comprised of a comprehensive training catalogue and the Implementer Certification Program. It's goal? To educate consultants and partners. Focus your certification on either consolidation or budgeting and planning.

In addition to these programs  we offer a Novice On-boarding Bootcamp for new hires and new partners. This program dives deep into the CCH Tagetik solution and culture.

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Your journey with the CCH Tagetik Academy starts now.
Browse through our training calendar and choose the best course for your needs. Which is the registration flow?
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Academy worldwide schedule

Choose the best course for your needs. The CCH Tagetik Academy global calendar is full of training courses, covering all our catalogue in many different locations.
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On Demand Training

Can't find a live course that meets your needs? We'll organize a training class for you in one of our global Academy centers. Preview our entire roster of courses here.

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CCH Tagetik Academy Classes

Academy classes are live training with hands-on instruction from CCH Tagetik experts.  Every attendee participates in practical workshops using a sandbox application. Depending on location and topic, there will be a minimum and maximum attendance required.

Download Catalogue for Customers
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