IT and Sysadmin Classes

  • Data Model: Learn about data model definition and maintenance, aggregation structures, and relevant information for each dimension. This module can be studied as an e-learning class or an in-person class (optional).
  • System Administrator: Learn how to setup and maintain the CCH Tagetik Repository
  • Tech In-depth: Get an in-depth and hands-on look at CCH Tagetik's architecture, installation procedures, and configuration. This step is reserved for IT specialists.

Project deep dive: This last step is not an actual course, but is recommended to complete your learning path. In it, you'll study your own project documentation, linking the best practices, tips and features you learned in the courses with your actual application. It's a great chance to review your knowledge and understand which areas need additional review.

Why Should I Follow This Path?
This learning path is designed to provide you with core product knowledge, as well as best practices and ways to maintain and manage your application. Remember that you can complete these classes at your own pace. Completing the learning path will ensure you get most out of CCH Tagetik and your investment in becoming a Certified IT/Sys Admin.

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