The CCH Cloud Document Manager is a stand-alone application that maximises the benefits of MS Office 365.


CCH Cloud Document Manager integrates with CCH iFirm, Xero, MYOB and a number of other leading practice management solutions.


Automate repetitive tasks, reduce time taken on jobs and improve accuracy and job turnaround times. Automation is facilitated with a range tools including:

  • Applying metadata for search, auto filing and retrieval of documents
  • Version control
  • Access to practice data for mail merge
  • Excel and email templates

Access anywhere

Access client information in any location and on any device. Avoid costly VPN access as mobile devices can also be used to recall information, or save emails, to the client files from wherever you are.


Create customised, automated, and seamless workflows to improve internal and external communication and deliver superior service to your clients.


A comprehensive audit trail and permission structure gives your firm full control over all its documents.

Manage your practice

A separate, secure repository for your own firm’s internal confidential documentation (such as HR records, employment contracts etc.)

Security and Compliance

Advanced security including audit trails, advanced permission capabilities and multi-factor authentication with remote device management systems protect data. Rules can retain files for regulatory required periods and ensure documents cannot be shared with external users.


All your data is protected using the inbuilt features of your Microsoft Office 365 subscription, providing peace of mind that your data is protected including email, document management and One Drive Business.

CCH iFirm offers two document management solutions:

1. CCH iFirm Document Vault, which is integrated into CCH iFirm platform.

2. CCH Cloud Document Manager, a separate application which utilises the features of MS Office 365.

  CCH iFirm Document Vault CCH Cloud Document Manager
HOW AVAILABLE CCH iFirm Integrated Separate App
INTEGRATION Contacts, Jobs, Digital signatures, Client Portal, Intranet, Microsoft Outlook email including attachments Agnostic Integration with Contacts for vendor applications such as APS, Xero, MYOB, CCH iFirm
 MIGRATION Import tool CCH Consulting Team completes the set up
FILE PRESENTATION IN CCH iFIRM View/open/edit files from the centralized document view in CCH iFirm or from the specific Contact or job details page  View/open/edit files in Cloud DM 
 TEMPLATES Requires subscription to CCH iFirm Intranet  Yes
 STORAGE Provided by CCH iFirm  Client organises O365 storage with Microsoft 
 DEPENDENCIES CCH iFirm Microsoft O365 Business Standard and Microsoft FLOW subscription, Sharepoint 
 PRICING MODEL CCH iFirm subscription and storage cost based on estimated usage Storage based on tiered cost bands
 SUITED TO Firms already using CCH iFirm Practice Manager.

New clients implementing CCH iFirm

Larger firms, or firms that have high storage requirements.

Requires O365 subscription - firms already using O365 have the option to utilise its features by choosing this stand-alone option


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