CCH iFirm's complete Cloud Suite brings you an enterprise level competitive advantage

Why you need accounting practice software like CCH iFirm

Accounting firms in New Zealand face immense challenges, from delivering critical services to clients on time to maintaining legal compliance and enabling rank-and-file bookkeepers to accomplish their daily tasks. These activities produce a considerable volume of data. Managing that information, and keeping your firm on track for success, is no easy feat. When your digital environment and data structures are disconnected, the challenge grows even more significant. The answer? Rethink the way you work.

The advantages of adopting better practice management accounting software

With practice manager software for accountants, it’s possible to reshape the way your business manipulates its data, handles billing, and completes jobs for clients. Think about how many different programs the teams in your business use right now. What if you could have everything in one place instead? The advantages of a better practice management solution are clear:

  • You save time. Work smarter, not harder.
  • You save money. Redirect your budget towards other necessary improvements.
  • You increase client satisfaction. With faster results, you can pass on real gains to your clients
Discover a better way to connect with your work
A revolution is here in the way accountants use information to deliver superior results for exceptional client outcomes. Do away with unnecessarily complex and disconnected software and choose the right custom system made for businesses like yours. With flexible pricing, CCH iFirm makes good financial sense even for the small business.
What are our clients saying
CCH iFirm has improved the accounting services we offer to our clients, and has positively impacted on the operation of our own practice.
Craig McCoy
CCH iFirm Practice Manager is designed for accountants – it’s their tool. We have implemented it with one thing in mind – creating better business outcomes.
Mike Lay
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Greater visibility, reduced write offs and streamlined time sheeting and invoicing has automated account management processes and produced more efficient outcomes.
Craig Weston
We now have the capacity to integrate the details of the job with the time and cost, and then link to the invoicing process. This has had a positive outcome on our bottom line.
Sue McPherson
The key to any practice management platform decision was going to be the Tax module. And we were looking for a one stop shop package - one that would streamline our workflows, debtors, invoicing and client content.
David Harrop
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