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Tax & AccountingJuly 04, 2024

CCH iFirm supports long-term firm growth of Numb1z Limited

Numb1z Limited is a firm of Chartered Accountants based in Wairarapa, New Zealand. Numb1z Director, Moira Robertson-Brown shares how our CCH iFirm and Workpapers products have supported the growth of her practice over the years.

Company Details

Name: Numb1z
Size: 7 employees



  • Supporting firm growth & increased volume of tax filings
  • Enabling consistency of work and service for clients
  • Remote access and work-from-home capabilities
  • Time savings and efficiencies of process
CCH iFirm has grown with our firm and has helped us manage the increasing volume of tax filings, which has significantly expanded over the years.
Moira Robertson-Brown, Director, Numb1z

A full-cloud, integrated solution

Numb1z Limited has been using CCH iFirm software for many years. The decision to adopt the software was primarily driven by the firm's need to transition to a fully integrated cloud solution.

“The main driver was the ability to move online. We were using MYOB AO and were becoming frustrated with the lack of integration and updates. CCH iFirm provided us with a comprehensive cloud solution that is fully integrated, meeting our essential requirements," said Moira.

Enhancing tax workflow efficiency

As the firm expanded, the volume of compliance jobs also increased significantly. CCH iFirm played a vital role in managing this workload effectively.

"CCH iFirm has grown with our firm and has helped us manage the increasing volume of tax filings, which has significantly expanded over the years," Moira added.

"We have also experienced improved workflow efficiencies. For example, I appreciate the ability to prepare the tax return and hold it until it's signed before submission."

Empowering Remote Document Access

More recently, Numb1z has integrated the CCH iFirm Document Vault module, allowing the storage of documents within the cloud system, directly associated with a client or job.

“CCH iFirm Document Vault is very good. Everybody is able to work from home; we can all be connected, see whatever is going on and upload documents directly into a client’s record and database. Even during offsite client meetings, I can conveniently view and retrieve relevant documents.

It makes the system portable and saves time with finding documents - there’s no longer any need to dig around the filing cabinet or archives to try to find something. It also saves costs in printing; it’s all about streamlining processes.
Moira Robertson-Brown, Director, Numb1z

Ensuring Consistency in Work

Numb1z also utilises CCH iFirm Workpapers to support their compliance work, emphasising the benefit of maintaining consistent work practices.

A proper set of workpapers is crucial for accounting firms. While our previous workpapers solution was good, they weren’t updated annually. With CCH iFirm Workpapers we know they are up to date in accordance with any legislative changes or with Chartered Accountants of New Zealand requirements.
Moira Robertson-Brown, Director, Numb1z

“CCH iFirm Workpapers also ensure that everybody is doing the same job consistently across all clients, providing valuable support for our tax management team. Additionally, in cases of staff turnover, new team members can use the previous year's Workpapers as a guide for information gathering."

“Overall, I like CCH iFirm and Workpapers, and we are happy with the products. They have been effective for us, delivering significant time savings, especially with experienced team members. While training new staff requires initial investment, it's worthwhile to achieve long-term productivity gains.

“Accounting may sound simple in theory, but every client is different, and you’re always dealing with something new. Having the right products in place makes it easy to get the process right, which is half the battle!”

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