Offering unrivalled historical tax data, powerful portfolio worksheets, on-screen calculators, reference libraries and training modules — with cutting edge connectivity in the cloud.

Whatever questions you need to ask about Capital Gains Tax, CGT Reporter has the data and analytics to make the right decision for your clients and practice.

Used in combination with the CCH iFirm Practice Manager application, your accounting practice will benefit from significant productivity benefits.

Powerful Portfolio Worksheet System

Our leading-edge Portfolio Worksheet System saves accountants and portfolio administrators massive amounts of time when producing reports on long-held shareholdings. Instantly reconstruct shareholding histories over several years and automatically factor in all dividends and DRPs paid, distributions and tax-deferred components, and all corporate actions that have changed share volumes and cost bases over the years. Push-button reporting gives you instant, powerful knowledge and saves you hours of research time, utilising the most accurate, the deepest, and the widest database on publicly-listed securities available in Australia.

Unrivalled historical tax data

CGT Reporter gives you all historical dividends, corporate actions and share price data for every listed company and trust in Australia since 1985. It’s the “must-have” tool for any accountants dealing with investments, giving you powerful help to save time producing reports for client portfolios. Revolutionise your reporting prowess across CGT, income tax, SMSF setup, compliance and audit work, share portfolio administration and deceased estate work.

Calculate & research on the run

Whatever supporting information you need, CGT Reporter has you covered. Clever onscreen calculators help you work out values for dividend payments and franking credits, trusts’ distributions and tax-deferred components, demerger and stapled security cost base portions and investment values. A whole library of reference documents is easily at hand wherever you are – all you need is the Internet.

Targeted training for success

Fine-tune your techniques and build expertise with a suite of smart training courses on CGT Reporter which cover basic skills to advanced manipulation and every stage in between. To get the basic CGT Reporter tuition at any time, an engaging series of free training videos are available online… in no time at all you’ll have all the skills you need to start getting the very best from this powerful software.

Well connected in the cloud

The ability to access your CGT Reporter data and tools in the cloud brings incredible benefits to your business. The cloud software was revamped to include the very latest functionality, not to mention a sleek, contemporary new look and a number of other much loved enhancements (such as daily historical security prices, now published fortnightly).

Historically, putting the information that you needed in the right format was really time consuming and potentially prone to error. This service was a drain on productivity for the practice, however now it only takes a few minutes per client and it is accurate. With CCH CGT Reporter we have been able to grow the client base without adding any extra staff, whilst keeping our prices steady. It’s a win-win for us and our clients.
Avril Butler, Director, ITP Orange
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