Wolters Kluwer has proudly partnered with Smartcorp to bring you the market leading company entity formation and administration services offering.  Create new companies and entities through our streamlined online service that is just a click away, at a very competitive price. With over 35 years’ experience in company registrations, trust deeds and SMSF documentation, Smartcorp is the partner of choice for Wolters Kluwer.

Why choose CCH iFirm Company Documents | Smartcorp: 

  • Competitive pricing
  • Knowledgeable and experienced team members, each with more than 10 years expertise
  • A one-stop-shop: Company registrations,
  • Trust Deeds, SMSF, Company Services, Agreements Prompt and professional local phone-based client support
  • A dedicated electronic company registration software enabling direct lodgment with ASIC
  • All of this supported by a top-notch legal team


Document Options

Payment Options  
   Digital  Slimline  Documents  prepay  Invoice  
   Digital  Slimline  Hard Copy  Prepay  Invoice  


  Company Registration From $637 Inc. GST
  Super Trustee Company Registration From $637 Inc. GST


  Land Tax Unit Trust (NSW Only) From $150 Inc. GST
  Discretionary Trusts From $150 Inc. GST 
  Unit Trust + Stamping (NSW & Vic) From $216 Inc. GST
  Unit Trust From $150 Inc. GST
  Discretionary Trusts with Stamping From $216 Inc. GST 
  Land Tax Unit Trust with Stamping From $216 Inc. GST 
 SMSF Establishment  From $150 Inc. GST
 SMSF Deed Update   From $120 Inc. GST
 SMSF Borrowing Trust      From $185 Inc. GST
 Company and Business Name Searches       From $37 Inc. GST
 Company Name Change      From $565.50 Inc. GST
 Update Company Constitution   From $127 Inc. GST
 Convert to One Member/Director Company   From $116.50 Inc. GST 
 Volunteer Company Deregistration     From $166 Inc. GST
 Confidentiality Agreement     From $56 Inc. GST 
 Partnership Agreement      From $76 Inc. GST
 Independent Contractors Agreement     From $97 Inc. GST 
 Unsecured Division 7A Loan Agreement      From $101 Inc. GST
 ABN/TFN Registration      From $50.50 Inc. GST
 TFN Only Registration        From $22.50 Inc. GST
 Business Name Registration - 1 Year        From $81 Inc. GST
 Business Name Registration - 3 Years      From $130 Inc. GST
 Change of Trustee      From $177 Inc. GST
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