FinanceJuly 23, 2019

Triodos Investment Management gains business insights for more informed and confident decision-making.

With CCH Tagetik's powerful built-in financial intelligence and unlimited dimensionality Triodos can now plan, budget and analyze at any level of detail with any type of data.
Triodos Investment Management
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Our landscape is we are managing 17 funds and the most challenging thing we see at the moment is that management wants the story of the figures.

The financial team wants to give the financials, and the controlling team is in the middle of it, and we have to connect the story to the figures.

To improve our processes and to see what's happening within the company, we needed something to give us the figures more automatically.

The process started I think two or three years ago, by choosing first a top ten, then a top five, then a top three.

Your opponents were OneStream and Cognos.In the end CCH Tagetik gave the best presentation and also the best way to our story.

We chose CCH Tagetik also for our regulatory reporting,because with that we can also satisfy the accountants, because it's auditable and by doing it in several process stepswe can be sure that we are getting all the data.

We are using a sophisticated database in which we can keep our scenarios, so we are no longer bothered with versions - "what's the latest version that we had?" - we have the right numbers, the right formulas and so on.We chose CCH Tagetik on the cloud because we had to make an investment, data services are very expensive,and CCH Tagetik in the cloud gives us a good solution.CCH Tagetik changed our processes: how we did our budgeting and forecasting.

Just by reviewing it, we saw a lot of redundancies and a lot of things which we could improve.

We were also able tostreamline it, make it better and we will save time to make the story and make good presentations.

I would certainly recommend CCH Tagetik to anyone else.

It's a solid system, it's a good database, it has a lot of opportunities today for the financials and we can also input the non-financials.

Connecting those two is really what our job is.
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