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Connect finance and operations to gain agility, improve COGS calculation and determine the financial impact of production cost decisions on profitability.
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Rapid and consistent narrative reporting using CCH Tagetik.

CCH Tagetik does facilitate rapid and accurate budgeting, planning, closing and consolidation,but it goes well beyond these functions, assisting in the final crucial step, the disclosure of the results in a consistent and accurate document produced in seconds, not hours or days.This is first facilitated by the CCH Tagetik Excel add-in which allows me to create tables, even ranked tables, and colorful charts, using the datadirectly from the CCH Tagetik database, so that they're always accurate, but there's more, CCH Tagetik also provides an add-in for Word and PowerPoint, and these aren't versions of Microsoft Office, these are the Microsoft Office products, so you know 90% of what you need to know to be effectively built those disclosure documents that you require.To facilitate the creation of these templates we're going to allow to not only source data from CCH Tagetik including matrix images, even colorful charts or cell references, we can also access data from an Excel attachment, including charts, images or tables as well as sourcing from other parts of these documents.

Let me show you an example to potential:in this case we have a GNA expense analysis report where we noticed in 2018 there's been an increase of 28.9% year-over-year,and it is also reflected in the chart down below.

We've also ranked the lowest increasing accounts which also is reflected in the chart down here in the lower right hand corner.

Now what if I was to change this particular template to point to another area of our business, first I'll go ahead and copy the template,after creating a title I will simply orient it now instead of pointing to

New York to point on my Chicago business.CCH Tagetik will create a new template for me and reset the workflow, so that everything is back to not complete.

We go ahead and open up this slide one more time,as you can see I still have my New York numbers, now I can go about updating these objects, one at a time by selecting update or I can just go ahead and select update all of the objects all at once.Within seconds all of the objects have been updated and now are consistent.

Now we speak of a decrease of 48.7% also reflectedin the chart down below and we rearrange the lowest increasing accounts to reflect the same values in the chart on the lower right hand corner.As you can see with the narrative reporting of CCH Tagetik, you can produce any of your disclosure documents with the assurance that CCH Tagetik will manage all of your objects interdependencies, even wording, so that the final document is accurate and consistent from start to finish but in only seconds, not hours or days.

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