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FinanceSeptember 01, 2017

Banco Toyota do Brasil

Banco Toyota do Brasil implemented CCH Tagetik’s software solution for Portfolio Projection, Debt Projection & Cash, Collaborative Data Collection
We have seen demonstrations from IBM/Cognos, Oracle/Hyperion and Infor but CCH Tagetik went straight to the point and focused exactly on our needs. We achieved a 0 to 5% difference between actual and budget figures and a 30% time reduction in our budgeting and forecasting processes. Everybody at Banco Toyota do Brasil is really impressed with the performance of CCH Tagetik’s calculation engine. We are very proud to be the first CCH Tagetik customer in Brazil and so happy with this software!
Rafael Yoshihara - Financial Planning Coordinator, Banco Toyota do Brasil
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Banco Toyota do Brasil has three product categories: “Floor-plan Program”, to help Brazilian dealers to buy cars from Toyota; “CDC/Lease” that helps end customers to buy cars from the dealers; and “Insurance”, specifically dedicated to providing insurance to customers.

The financial services organization could not plan at a detailed product (car type) level and could not guarantee maximum accuracy and visibility throughout the entire process. They found themselves in “Excel hell” trying to manage and manually update up to 40 multiple files to perform the necessary calculations.

CCH Tagetik Solutions

One of the main challenges and objectives of the project was to calculate the global amount that Banco Toyota do Brasil will need to finance each month to optimize the company’s credit balance & interest revenue resulting from early pay-off and delinquency ratio assumptions which can significantly impact the bottom line. As part of a comprehensive financial reengineering process, the project implementation at Banco Toyota do Brasil also included debt projection (funding run-off and run-on)  & cash revenues as well as a collaborative data collection of SG&A expenses by cost center, payroll expenses by employee and IT Projects (OPEX, CAPEX, and Depreciation).  In particular, payroll was very complex and needed to be optimized.

Main advantages

Table title

End of the "Excel hell"

No more 40 complex spreadsheets to manually manage and update

Monthly rolling forecasts

Monthly rolling forecasts for analysis and visibility at the local level

Rapid portfolio projection

Portfolio projection at product level detail takes only 5 minutes to run

Reduction of budget to actual variance

Budget to actual variance reduced to 5% maximum (compared to 10% before)

Fast budgeting & forecasting

30% time reduction in our budgeting and forecasting processes

Automated debt projection & cash forecasting

Automatic calculation of assets/liabilities and their impact on interest revenues/expenses
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Financial Close & Consolidation
Manage your financial close and consolidation with CCH Tagetik's software from local close to group consolidation to regulatory reporting and disclosure.

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