Increase the data quality and simplify the reporting process with the Veridas Consolidation Interface

With the Veridas Consolidation Interface the consolidation process starts already when entering single accounting documents in the operative SAP system. Validations care about consolidation requirements which significantly increase the data quality and reduce the effort to prepare the reporting data of single entities. Pre-consolidation tasks can be done easily in a user-friendly cockpit which leads the users through all necessary steps to deliver the data to CCH Tagetik. These steps extract, aggregate, transform and check the reporting data. In addition, flexible inbound interfaces are provided to process data from other systems. The results are posted in the own database as auditable documents. Finally, the aggregated totals of gross and IC data are handed over to CCH Tagetik

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Veridas Consolidation Interface

Cockpit as central platform of all user activities

End users work in a single transaction showing a matrix of a hierarchical structure of entities in rows in and tasks in columns. Tasks have a status management which guides users through the entire process.

  • Support of different SAP general ledger types
  • Support of external data sources
  • Different checks and reporting functions
  • Quick task execution on demand
  • Own authorization concept
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Adaptable to customer requirements

The entire setup of the Veridas Consolidation Interface can be made via a single integrated customizing menu. This allows for example flexible usage of accounting document fields as source for consolidation breakdowns.

  • Time-dependent master data and mapping tables
  • Master data interfaces from CCH Tagetik
  • Re-usable setup templates
  • Supports multi-client systems (setup distribution)
  • Embedded context-related online manual
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