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Three ways a terminology server can bolster health data analytics for value-based care

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how a terminology server can transform clinical data for accurate analytics to power value-based care initiatives.

Within the healthcare industry, data is the most valuable currency.  Data drives insights, but quality data drives quality insights.

Interoperability regulation and technology advancements like FHIR are making vast amounts of insightful clinical data available for advanced analytics to power quality measure reporting, population health, and care management initiatives foundational to advancing value-based care.

However, data quality and standardization of terminology remain a challenge creating uncertainty in the accuracy and reliability of your analytics, impacting HEDIS quality scores and Star ratings, and raising doubt in the accuracy of your population health analytics insights.

Watch this webinar on-demand to learn the value of a terminology server to transform clinical data for analytics, including:

Data capture

Challenges and opportunities to get to the highest level of clinical specificity at the point of care.

Data normalization

The importance of normalizing or mapping data, particularly lab data, to enable accurate quality measure reporting and a complete longitudinal patient record.

Data analytics

Importance of a data governance and value set management strategy, establishing a single source of truth, foundation of up-to-date clinical data, and how that delivers accurate analytics and insights.

Watch the webinar on-demand

Health Language Analytics Integrity
Leverage consistent and accurate datasets to easily derive insights, whether analyzing big data to understand population trends or auditing an individual patient record.
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