Zdravotnictví13 června, 2023

Three key strategies to harmonize digital health data and improve health equity

Terminology and clinical experts share strategies to address interoperability, FHIR, health equity, and value-based payment models in this on-demand webinar.

Given the growth and proliferation of new data sources across the digital health landscape and the data sharing mandate of utilizing FHIR-based APIs to transfer that data, it becomes even more essential for healthcare stakeholders to identify strategies and solutions that can support them in efficiently leveraging harmonized data to inform and improve patient health, address health inequalities, and ensure accurate and reliable reporting, analytics, and even machine learning models.

Watch this webinar, “Strategies for the Digital Health Data Tsunami,” to hear our team of experts discuss:

  • Best practices for ensuring your algorithms and machine learning models are leveraging reliable data
  • Challenges the healthcare industry is facing given the volumes of disparate data being generated within the ecosystem
  • Adoption of the ONC Gravity Project’s, SDOH standards to advance health equity in a standards-based approach
Health Language Data Interoperability
Manage and maintain your enterprise healthcare data in a single platform for authoring, modeling, and mapping to industry standards to enable semantic interoperability.
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