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Zdravotnictví21 června, 2021

Taming the data tsunami: 5 healthcare tactics for success in the post-COVID ecosystem

In healthcare, terminologies provide a critical foundation within the healthcare ecosystem to support the normalization, standardization, and data enrichment necessary for the high-quality analytics, and the semantic interoperability required in this post-COVID era driven by interoperability mandates and value-based care.

On Demand Webinar
Hosted by:  HealthPayerIntelligence
Sponsored by:  Wolters Kluwer 

During this on-demand speakers cover five essential terminology tactics valuable for Payers, Analytics Vendors, EHR Vendors, HIE’s, and Providers who are working to unlock the rich clinical information “hiding in plain sight” in the patient’s medical record.

Watch now to learn: 

  • The value of a single source of truth for your reference data to avoid duplicate costs and processes, and ensure all departments are using consistent versions of reference data.   
  • How to use reference data (lookup tables, maps, groupings) to enrich data for analytics and training machine learning models for your data science initiatives.
  • How to stop using spreadsheets for your terminology and code set management to ensure high data quality, accelerate workflows, and reduce the amount of overhead required to get code sets ready for production.
  • How to leverage purpose-built data sets, both existing and emerging, to support oncology, telehealth, social determinants of health, and merging claims and clinical data sets
  • How to pick the RIGHT standard for the job - with over 200 standards providing healthcare code sets and terminologies, how do you pick the right ones?
  • Is FHIR the answer to these challenges? Listen to an expert panel discuss the promise of FHIR across the ecosystem from data entry at the point of care, through to payers providing patient access to clinical data. 
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Health Language Data Interoperability
Manage and maintain your enterprise healthcare data in a single platform for authoring, modeling, and mapping to industry standards to enable semantic interoperability.
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