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CCH Axcess Practice - Best Practices Consulting

Online or In-person

Designed to ensure a smooth implementation, a Wolters Kluwer consultant guides your implementation leaders through important setup decisions. Customers gain a head start on using CCH Axcess Practice to its full potential and learn how to implement our recommended best practices for different management processes.

Type: Single Client Training
Advanced Preparation: None
Prerequisites Required: None
Field of study: Business Management & Organization
Program/Course Level: Basic


  • Assess implementation goals
  • Use the implementation checklist to create a Practice specific to-do list
  • Choose administrative level Practice settings, including A/R and billing settings
  • Understand and set-up various Practice lists
  • Create the organization’s service code structure
  • Evaluate and establish Practice security rights for staff members
  • Review Practice considerations in the client and staff profiles
  • Begin editing the Policies & Procedures Guide (8+ hour BP only)
CCH Axcess Practice - Best Practices Consulting
Online or In-person
CPE Credits: 4, 8 or 16
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