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Healthcare is rapidly changing. Modern health systems have to keep pace with technological innovations as well as the growing complexities of their organizations. As your care teams and patient needs evolve, achieving both care quality and organizational efficiency goals can become harder to balance.

For decades, healthcare professionals around the world have trusted UpToDate clinical decision support to enable confident decision-making and help them reduce variability in care. With UpToDate Enterprise Edition, your teams have access to leading decision support, plus advanced technology, features, and interconnectivity to help you meet current and emerging challenges. Features and benefits include:

  • Improving business outcomes with self-service analytics and insights.
  • Enhancing satisfaction and collaboration by aligning all members of the care team and administrators across your organization.
  • Prioritizing care quality for patients with advanced, trusted content that enables confident decision-making in complex cases.
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Healthcare innovation and technology for the shifting care delivery landscape

Gain access to practice-changing healthcare innovation and AI

Stay future-focused and prepared to meet tomorrow's challenges.

UpToDate Enterprise Edition provides early access to continued innovation, as technology enables more precise, patient-centric recommendations using advanced workflow integrations.

That includes priority access to AI Labs, an interactive Clinical Generative AI experience for clinicians and care teams that combines unparalleled speed and accuracy with industry-leading validation and expertise, built on the foundation of content by the trusted expert editorial team.

Users of UpToDate Enterprise Edition are part of the responsible testing and collaboration that will help ensure the development of a safe, effective Clinical Generative AI decision support resource the healthcare industry can trust.

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What UpToDate customers are saying

  • Self-service analytics

  • Responsible use of Clinical Gen AI

  • Understand usage patterns

  • Easily track CME

  • Dashboards for daily practice usage

Clinical leaders always seek useful data to understand how their providers are using technology. UpToDate’s new self-service analytics portal will allow instant access to usage trends, search topics, and CME redemption. This data will help teaching programs and may provide epidemiologic insights as well.
CMIO, Major Non-profit Health System
We are excited to partner with UpToDate to accelerate the responsible use of Gen AI in clinical decision support. We share the vision that Gen AI must be developed safely, transparently, and on a foundation of trustworthy healthcare content, such as the content provided by UpToDate. Together, we will be testing and validating that Gen AI combined with UpToDate provides a solution that is accurate and offers the ability to get fast, succinct answers in support of delivering better care.
CIO, Prominent National Payvider
UpToDate on-demand analytics is a powerful tool that provides behavioral insights that expose critical knowledge gaps, which enables timely, data-driven, site-specific and care-team specific education campaigns. Deeper insights into our usage patterns also allow us to tell a more comprehensive value story of how UpToDate is used at our organization.
CMIO, Prominent National Health System
The [analytics portal] CME tracking is great, and it’s a great value statement for what we are bringing our clinicians aside from a trusted clinical reference.
Dr. Ann Cappellari, CMIO, SSM Health
I have been excited to work with Wolters Kluwer in developing their enterprise UpToDate analytics and dashboards. Using these tools, clinical and informatics leaders can appreciate the critical role UpToDate is playing in the daily practice of our caregivers. We can see what medical conditions and drugs our clinicians are searching for most commonly and what is trending. We can appreciate how these trends differ between different groups of clinicians and how it aligns with our clinical data. I look forward to the continued development of this functionality to further unlock insights with the power of AI and to help guide out investments in technology and education to support our caregivers.
Dr. Scott Smitherman, CMIO, Providence Clinical Network

UpToDate remains the most trusted clinical decision support resource in the world after more than 30 years because everything we do is rooted in evidence.

doctor and patient in clinic
Care decisions supported by the most current evidence-based medicine and clinical expertise
We follow a systematic and transparent editorial policy for identifying, reviewing, and synthesizing clinical evidence as it applies to a clinical question. More than 7,400 world-renowned experts with extensive clinical experience assist our editors in applying evidence to specific patient situations. You and your teams are committed to providing high-quality care to your patients, and that demands the best available clinical evidence and the highest standards of research and practice. 
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