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MOLGroup saves lives by predicting and preventing incidents before they happen
Can you predict and prevent incidents before they happen?
MOL Group's Digitalization Senior Expert, Igor Milic, tells us how they are able to change the culture and save lives!

What is health and safety software?

Organizations use health and safety software to manage and streamline their health and safety-related processes and compliance requirements. Also referred to as workplace safety software, the component functions typically within health and safety software include incident management, risk assessment, training and certification management, safety inspections and audit, emergency planning and response, and safety data reporting and analytics.

Industry-leading workplace safety software

EHS managers need all the help they can get to keep workers safer and healthier, comply with requirements from OSHA, RIDDOR, WCB, and other regulatory bodies, and conform with ISO 45001 best practices. Workplace safety software helps EHS professionals identify and mitigate risks with technology that can assess and predict where potential incidents may occur.

With Enablon’s health and safety software, organizations can manage their successful efforts for meeting regulatory demands and protecting corporate reputations, while also reducing costs, managing risks, and streamlining internal processes. Enablon health and safety software manages all aspects of process safety management and worker health and safety. Our solutions help you predict and prevent incidents – keeping your employees safe, productive, and fit for work.

Explore all aspects of your H&S program

  • Create safe workplaces
  • Increase long-term worker health
  • Collect sophisticated intelligence
  • Discover holistic EHS management

Solutions that fit your needs

Explore the specialized and market-leading Enablon software applications designed to meet all aspects of your Health & Safety needs.

  • Chemical Management
    Manage chemical inventories and materials, and keep track of all substances throughout all your locations. Comply with regulations on chemicals from around the world. Protect the safety of workers and the environment through the proper storage, handling, transportation and disposal of chemicals.
  • Contractor Safety
    Manage contractors and related safety issues, and make sure they follow the same safety standards as your organization. Gain visibility over all contractors and contract works, analyze incidents and benchmark contractor safety performance against industry peers.
  • Ergonomics
    Implement a standardized ergonomics analysis process to consistently assess ergonomic risk. Identify and address ergonomic risk factors to prevent musculoskeletal disorders and other injuries. Access a variety of methodologies specific to work activities to accurately monitor and measure ergonomic factors. Realize cost savings in training and system administration with one standard ergonomics process applied enterprise-wide.
  • Incident Management
    Ensure optimal workplace safety, minimal operational disruption and out-of-the-box regulatory compliance with our industry-leading Incident Management software application.
  • Industrial Hygiene
    Make sure that your work environments meet regulatory requirements and that you protect workers from long-term health issues due to exposure to agents. Identify and categorize similar exposure groups (SEGs), generate compliance reports and implement preventive actions to mitigate exposure.
  • Job Safety/Job Hazard Analysis
    Successfully identify hazards and risks associated with jobs and job steps, in a consistent, systematic and effective manner. Enhance safety and risk management decision-making and incident response, keeping your people safe and your business running.
  • Occupational Health
    Keep track of the medical history of workers while protecting the confidentiality and privacy of health records. Plan visits and manage prescriptions and treatments. Conform to ISO 45001 standards by protecting workers from physical injury and ill health. Analyze trends in health issue or absences.
  • Safety Observations
    Foster a safety culture and improve employee engagement by having workers easily report at-risk and unsafe behaviors and conditions. Capture observations, online or offline, and analyze them. Support a Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) program through the proper software and mobile tools.
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
    Enhance incident investigation by going beyond highlighting symptoms to identify the fundamental cause of a problem. Generate insights that help prevent repeat incidents with out-of-the-box methodologies (5-Why, ICAM, Significant Risk Decision Tree, and Control/Barrier Analysis). Configure custom RCA methodologies that adapt to business processes. Target improvement opportunities and use Timeline Investigation to identify contributing factors plus push to cause analytics. Build continuous improvement into processes and systems by identifying and eliminating the source of problems.

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