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We are humbled and happy that our computer software technology and evidence-based content—delivered at the point-of-care and via professional development—helps improve patient outcomes and fosters clinical excellence.

We recognize the extraordinary in the care that our customers perform for patients every shift.

Did you Lippincott it?

Lippincott Solutions customers share how they “Lippincott it” to help improve patient outcomes and strive for nursing excellence.

Lippincott Solutions + usability

More Magnet hospitals trust Lippincott Solutions to achieve and maintain clinical excellence. Customers explain of the ease of use and speed of Lippincott Advisor and Procedures helps to achieve Magnet status.

Lippincott Solutions + care standardization

Magnet hospitals trust Lippincott Solutions to achieve and maintain clinical excellence. Hear how customers use our leading suite of evidence-based software to improve standardization of care.

“We are proud to be working on our third Magnet redesignation. For previous applications, it helped to be able to show our procedures via Lippincott and just how regularly and efficiently our procedure updates are managed.”

Mary Comeau MSN, RN, CMSRN
Manager Professional Nursing Education/System Clinical Educator, HonorHealth, Scottsdale, Arizona
“We opted to bring Lippincott Solutions into our nursing school as the hospitals that are our clinical partners use it. For teaching higher level skills—such as in MedSurge II lab—we assign content from Lippincott for our students to review prior to lab. We’ve found Lippincott to be much more detailed and specific than other teaching resources; this allows for true application of the skill in clinical settings. We are proud to say that we have no trouble at all with clinical placements, and that hiring facilities are impressed with just how prepared our students are for clinicals. Lippincott has been a valuable support in preparing our students.”

Patricia Davis, MSN, RN, CSHE, CNE
Director, Clinical Skills and Simulation Laboratory, The George Washington University School of Nursing, Washington, D.C.

Lippincott Solutions + mobile apps

Learn how Lippincott Solutions mobile apps make accessing evidence-based information even more convenient to our customers.

Lippincott Solutions + improved clinical competencies

Lippincott Solutions customers share how they have seen notable improvements in clinical competencies.

“As an educator, Lippincott Procedures has saved me a lot of time. It is an easy-to-use, central place to go for nurse-specific transcripts. Before I would have to create transcripts for over 200 nurses—it was very labor intensive. In Lippincott Procedures, I can easily and quickly pull up all the procedures that each nurse has passed. Lippincott Advisor and Lippincott Procedures are excellent products. I like that they are regularly updated, are evidence-based, and provide links to source evidence. Now when nurses ask me for the supporting evidence, I can easily point them to it in Lippincott. ”

Melissa J. Dominguez, MSN, RN, CNL
Director of Performance Improvement and Education, Nix Health, San Antonio, TX
“We are in the process of introducing Lippincott Procedures across our large, integrated health system of 12 hospitals. Prior to having Procedures, our nurses relied on our facility-specific intranet for procedures. Lippincott has since allowed us to standardize policies and procedures, where necessary, across all of our sites. This has been extremely beneficial. Lippincott Procedures has excellent ‘searchability’. Our nurses are able to quickly find exactly what they are looking for in Lippincott, which is critical in ensuring quality patient care. In order to have all information in one place for our nurses, we also linked to our policies in the critical notes section. ”

Clinical Development Specialist

Lippincott Solutions + policies and procedures

Dr. Barbara Mayer, PhD discusses using Lippincott Solutions for nursing quality.

Lippincott Solutions + evidence

Daria King, a nurse scientist, discusses Lippincott Procedures’ latest references and usability.

Lippincott Solutions + evidence

Daria King, a nurse scientist, discusses Lippincott Procedures’ latest references and usability.

“It used to be that any time a staff nurse or manager had a question about a procedure, they would call us. Now that we have Lippincott, our nurses print off the quick lists and bring them to the bedside. We hardly get any calls anymore about procedures, and our nurses now have the confidence to provide quality care. With Lippincott, our nurses know they have the most current, gold-standard way of doing things. ”

Nandel H. Smith, RN, MS, NE-BC
Nurse Manager, AnMed Health, Anderson, SC
“The nursing faculty at George Washington University values having Lippincott on hand. As we update our lesson plans, we frequently go to Lippincott to make sure that we are incorporating the most updated, current procedures into our teaching. ” Patricia Davis, MSN, RN, CSHE, CNE
Director, Clinical Skills and Simulation Laboratory, The George Washington University School of Nursing, Washington, D.C.
“What we like most about Lippincott Procedures and Lippincott Advisor is that they are updated regularly. Having Lippincott, we have confidence that our procedures are current and evidence-based. Lippincott’s Nursing Procedures and Skills has helped us improve patient care, particularly with our new graduates. RNs can now review a procedure that they may have only done once in school, rather than proceed apprehensively feeling they ‘should know how to do it.’

There was certainly some work upfront in implementing Procedures in our organization. We reviewed all of Lippincott’s procedures to ensure that they were relevant to our facility, and added critical notes to make them pertinent to our facility's practices. Now we have a strong, evidence-based list of procedures that fit our organization, and get updated regularly.” ”

Lisa Baske
Clinical Educator, Memorial Hospital at University of Colorado Health, Colorado Springs, CO
“Prior to having Lippincott Procedures, each of our hospitals had a dedicated position to research and update procedures. Now with Lippincott we are able to save money, while still ensuring that our procedures are evidence-based and current.’

We’re still really a paper-based organization. We were concerned that our staff would be reluctant to learn and use an electronic system such as Lippincott’s. We have found that this hasn’t been a problem at all. Even those who were barely able to use email are having a very easy time learning and using Lippincott Procedures. I would tell other hospitals not to worry about the leap to using an electronic system; Lippincott Procedures is very intuitive and simple to use. ”

A Lippincott Procedures Customer in Mental Health
“Lippincott Procedures and Advisor have been valuable in our training programs. I recently conducted Neurological Assessment Training for our Medical Surgical nurses and was very happy with Lippincott’s content and presentation. We referred to Lippincott’s arm strengths and leg strengths videos—the nurses loved them. The detail provided by Lippincott helped our nurses learn quickly and effectively.”

Gari Lynn Gehrke, RN
Clinical Nurse Educator,
Redington-Fairview General Hospital,
Skowhegan, ME
“With the help of Lippincott Procedures, I am able to focus education where it is truly needed. For example, Lippincott Procedures gives me the ability to see which terms are most freqently searched by my staff. I recently noticed that “Chest Tubes” had been looked up a lot. As a result, I made this a focus at our skills fair. I assigned the Lippincott procedure to my clinicians with the associated quiz. Lippincott helps make education effective, and helps boost the quality of care we provide to our patients.

Before Lippincott, it was very difficult to see who was attending trainings and how frequently each clinician received training. Now Lippincott enables me to see who attends each skills fair, and allows me to assign quizzes to those who do not attend. We even take Lippincott one step further: during performance appraisals, our Directors pull up completed quizzes in Lippincott to incorporate into reviews. We use Lippincott Procedures so that we have complete confidence our staff is always trained on the most current, evidence-based procedures. ”

Sherry Chambers RN, BScN
Clinical Nurse Educator,
Director of Nursing Resource Team,
Norfolk General Hospital,
Simcoe, Ontario
“Our nurses and nurse educators use Lippincott Procedures on a daily basis. We have computers at each bedside, allowing our nurses to reference Lippincott Procedures to improve patient care. Lippincott Procedures ensures that our patients are getting the best and safest care.

We chose Lippincott because it is evidence-based, simple to use, and more cost effective than the alternatives. ”

Clinical Education Coordinator,
550 bed Medical Center in Georgia
“Lippincott is tremendously customizable to our needs. Recently we had a question about medication administration safety. Using Lippincott’s procedure for “Safe Medication Administration Practices”, I created a checklist in Lippincott which included AnMed-specific information. I then sent it out to our managers to get their staff checked off. We’ve since seen a great improvement in the way medication is administered. We chose Lippincott because it is evidence-based, simple to use, and more cost effective than the alternatives. ”

Nandel H. Smith, RN, MS, NE-BC
Nurse Manager,
AnMed Health,
Anderson, SC

“Lippincott Procedures is updated frequently and evidenced based and that’s such a big push right now. It’s also easy to navigate. We use it every time there is a disagreement on how a procedure is done. It’s our go-to source that says, ‘This is what we need to do.’ ”

Wendy, RN
VA Hospital ICU
“Part of our vision is to push everything to the fingertips of nurses so they don’t have to leave the patients’ room to get the information they need. We have computers in every room so our nurses can access Lippincott Procedures and other resources.

Lippincott Procedures is easy to read and our nurses love the pictures and videos and preceptors can pull the checklists. Our procedures were formatted to look just like Lippincott’s so now when the nurses go online, they go to one place to get their information—they really like that. ”

Rebecca Rose, RN, BSN, MS, CCRN
Senior Director,
Systems and Special Projects,
Virginia Hospital Center,
Arlington, VA
“Lippincott is the primary go-to place for our nurses for procedures. We teach Lippincott extensively during orientation, and have found it helpful with supporting nursing education and competency. Some of our educators have assigned nurses to read procedures in Lippincott, and then use the testing feature to assess comprehension. Lippincott is very helpful in this regard.

I am a 100% believer in the value of Lippincott’s online procedures. We went from having nearly 300 written policies, and can now point nurses to streamlined, up-to-date procedures in Lippincott. Using Lippincott’s critical note function, we are able to customize procedures to our organization. ”

Karen McCamant, MSN, RN, ACNS-BC
Professional Practice Coordinator,
Union Hospital,
Elkton, MD
“Our nurses can open Lippincott Procedures at any time from any computer terminal eliminating the need to search for those policies elsewhere on the unit. This technology has improved access for our nurses to the most current health care information supporting the growth and expansion of evidence-based nursing practice in our organization. ”

Jennifer Graham Powers, RN, CN IV, BSN, CCRN
Clinical Coordinator,
Pauley Heart Center - Coronary ICU,
Virginia Commonwealth University Health Systems,
Richmond, VA
“What I appreciate most about Lippincott Procedures is its breadth of content. Lippincott covers virtually everything. We just went from a level 2 to a level 3 NICU, and were surprised to see so much great content for the neonatal world. This proved extremely helpful in getting the staff up to speed quickly.

Before having Lippincott Procedures, we had a million different procedures in a million different places. Now with standardized, accessible procedures we are able to ensure consistency from unit to unit, as well as between shifts.”

Debby Clack
Chief Nursing Officer,
Hunt Regional Healthcare,
Greenville, TX
“As Magnet Project Director, I can attest that Lippincott Solutions brings true value. Lippincott enables our nurses to integrate evidence into bedside practice—this is critical.

Lippincott’s search function is wonderful. In other electronic applications, I often get 500+ results for any keyword. Lippincott gives only the relevant results and doesn’t overwhelm me with extraneous information. This makes Lippincott fast and easier for our nurses to use.

One of our urologists requested that we have a procedure for our nurses to change suprapubic catheters. We checked Lippincott Procedures and were proud to see that Lippincott had an excellent, evidence-based procedure for this. The urologist thought Lippincott’s procedure was informative and detailed, and approved Lippincott as the basis for the procedure. On top of having the content we truly needed, Lippincott Procedures also has competency tests associated with it. We have confidence that our nurses will carry out evidence-based practice appropriately, thanks to Lippincott.” ”

Caryl Ann Mannino, RN, BSN, OCN, NE-BC
Director Professional Practice,
Magnet Project Director,
Our Lady of Lourdes Memorial Hospital,
Binghamton, NY
“We use Lippincott as the ultimate authority on clinical standards as Lippincott is continually updated with its procedures and information based on evidence and research.

I’ve used Lippincott Procedures when I was in nursing school over 30 years ago. Lippincott is a name recognized by almost everyone in nursing. The fact that it’s web-based so it can be accessed from anywhere and that it is always being updated is critical. We love it for these reasons and more. petency tests associated with it. We have confidence that our nurses will carry out evidence-based practice appropriately, thanks to Lippincott.”

Kristy Nielson, MSN, CCRN
Director of Education,
Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County,
Rock Springs, WY
“We offer easy access to Lippincott Advisor and Procedures through our MEDITECH documentation system—we don’t even have to leave MEDITECH to access important information from Lippincott on a procedure or patient diagnosis. I would say that 99% of our staff accesses Lippincott this way. Our policy says that anytime we don’t have a Mercy-specific procedure, clinicians must always refer to Lippincott. Therefore we have Lippincott’s up-to-date, evidence-based content at our clinicians’ fingertips at all times.”

Melissa Kline, RN, BSN
Coordinator, Nursing Education,
Mercy Medical Center,
Springfield, MA
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