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Solid research evidence is the cornerstone of effective and outcome-oriented patient care. NEJM Evidence, published by NEJM Group, brings together high-quality studies and research evidence that are sure to drive innovations across the spectrum of clinical medicine. Results, methodologies, and analyses of clinical trials are a primary focus of the journal. NEJM Evidence, along with the New England Journal of Medicine and other NEJM Group publications, is available online to institutions only via the Ovid platform — and subscribers have easy access to content on both Ovid and
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The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) and NEJM Evidence are now packaged together.

The Ultimate Medical Resource Package: NEJM and NEJM Evidence Now Available Together on Ovid!

The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) on Ovid® and NEJM Evidence on Ovid® are available as a combined offering, meaning they can only be purchased together. This integrated package ensures that institutional subscribers are not just receiving information in isolation but are provided with a holistic view of current medical knowledge and practices. The combination allows for a more in-depth understanding of medical subjects, as the content in one journal complements and enhances the content in the other.

Key features:

  • Original, peer-reviewed research studies, including clinical trials and meta-analyses
  • Systematic reviews of clinical evidence and reviews of clinical trial design and execution
  • Statistical videos, case studies, and patient stories available
  • Editorial board filled with experts from across clinical medicine
  • Dual access on BOTH Ovid and; easy linking between platforms
  • Single-query, cross-searching of NEJM Group resources on Ovid as well as other Ovid subscriptions
  • Email alerts on latest news and just-published articles and issues

Unique content available on

  • Tomorrow’s Trial — brief snapshots of widely accepted clinical practices that lack solid evidence
  • Stats, STAT! animated videos explaining important statistical concepts
  • Patient Platform, a forum for patients to share their research study or trial experience
  • Curbside Consults, addressing common clinical topics
  • Morning Report, case presentations formatted as “morning reports” used during rounds with residents

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