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Next generation safety and sustainability analytics
Enablon Open Insights seamlessly integrates with real-time data sources including ERPs and IoT devices, allowing you to get the full picture on your safety performance, while helping you build a proactive safety culture. With embedded Microsoft Power BI at the heart of Enablon Open Insights, you get the best of both worlds - granular, accurate high-quality data presented in visually engaging dashboards.

Unlock EHS and ESG analytics with Enablon Open Insights sustainability software.

Go beyond traditional reporting and analytics limitations and make data actionable with an innovative, cloud native analytics platform that offers sustainability management, comprehensive sustainability reporting and lets you visualize and operationalize EHS, ESG, and integrated risk data. Enablon Open Insights provides a snapshot of your organization’s environment, health, and safety (EHS), environmental, social and governance (ESG), and sustainability performance and delivers valuable insights to drive business performance.

  • What is sustainability software?

    Sustainability software helps EHS professionals drive continuous improvement through data-driven decision making that improves your ability to track and manage EHS objectives and ESG initiatives. Get fit for purpose sustainability software to monitor safety KPIs, resource consumption, carbon emissions, waste generation, and other metrics relevant to sustainability goals.
  • Sustainability management as a driver of change

    Drive better business performance by integrating EHS and ESG considerations into operations, strategies, and decision-making processes. Enablon Open Insights helps safety leaders reduce operational costs by allowing them to assess and analyze key metrics by site.
  • Intuitive sustainability reporting

    Make sense of your data with a fit-for-purpose analytics solution. Users can leverage curated data sets that connect across the Enablon platform and, with out-of-the-box reports, get the insights they need. Enablon Open Insights offers powerful visualizations with embedded Microsoft Power BI and gives ownership of sustainability reporting to EHS professionals.
  • Unified Data Ecosystem
  • Elevate your safety management
  • Powerful Analytics
  • Operationalize ESG data
  • Intelligent Insights

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