All open access articles are subject to peer review, editorial oversight, and the journals production process. While the submission and review process follow the traditional process, there are additional forms and steps that need to be taken to publish your work as open access.

Hybrid open access

Authors of accepted peer reviewed articles in subscriptions journals have the choice to publish their work as open access. Authors will be prompted in the revision process to indicate if they would like to choose an open access license for their article. Below are the outlined steps toward guaranteeing your article will publish as open access.

Notifying the Editorial Office

During the revision stage you will be prompted with the following question: “I would like my paper to publish open access and I agree to pay the article processing charge.” If you have chosen Yes to this question and are accepted, you will need to complete a License to Publish form and make a payment for the article.

Additionally, you may contact the Editorial Office of the journal for more information on open access and the journal.

License to Publish form

Wolters Kluwer’s License to Publish (LTP) form must be completed, in full, by the corresponding author on behalf of all the authors before an article can be made open access. All articles publishing in a hybrid journal will be published under the CCBY-NC-ND license unless you received funding from an approved funder that mandates your work be published under a CCBY license. Our For Institutions and Funders page will have more detail on the approved funders. If you need a new form, please contact the journal’s Editorial Office.

Article processing charge (APC) payment

Authors who choose open access for their article must use our Wolters Kluwer’s payment site to make a payment for their article. First-time authors will have to create an account/log in. Please note: this account is separate from any other accounts you may have for the Journal.

There will be two options for payment:

  • Credit card
  • Bill me

Credit Card payments will be processed immediately, and you will receive an email stating that Wolters Kluwer has accepted your order. For Bill Me, Wolters Kluwer will mail an invoice for the full amount of the APC within five business days to the address provided. Full payments must be received within 30 days of the invoice date or your article risks publication without an open access license.

APC Refund Policy

Wolters Kluwer is committed to completing the production process for open access articles in a timely manner. If articles are missing permissions, author corrections, author forms, or other required information, they will be placed on hold. After 90 calendar days, authors will be notified that the article will be withdrawn unless the missing information is provided within 14 calendar days. If the article is withdrawn, authors may apply to the Publisher for a refund of the APC within 30 calendar days. The amount refunded is dependent upon the position of the article in the production process.

Requesting open access after publication

Authors have up to one year to request that their article be published as open access, however, some benefits are not available once the article is published.

  • The author will still retain the copyright of the article
  • The article will be made freely available on the journal website for any user, world-wide
  • The article will have the open indicator on the online version of the article, however, the Creative Commons license chosen may not be published
  • The final version of article will be submitted to PubMed Central as open access on the authors’ behalf
  • If you would like to request open access for your article, please contact the journal’s Editorial Office and ask for the next steps.