Essentials of General Surgery and Surgical Specialties, 6th Edition
Peter F. Lawrence, MD

Now combining general surgery and the specialties in one volume, this new edition focuses on the information all medical students need to know to pass the NBME surgery shelf or other surgery rotation examinations.

Print ISBN: 9781496351043
eBook ISBN: 9781975107123
Publication Date: 11/28/2018

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NMS Surgery, 7th Edition
Bruce Jarrell, MD; Stephen M. Kavic, MD, Eric D. Strauch, MD

Now in a portable pocket-sized format, featuring new study aids, full-color illustrations, concise, high-yield coverage, and USMLE-format questions, the new edition helps students successfully complete their clerkship and prepare for the shelf/end-of-rotation exam.

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Print ISBN: 9781975112882
Connected eBook ISBN: 9781975178185
Publication Date: 9/24/2021

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NMS Surgery Casebook, 3rd Edition
Bruce Jarrell, MD; Stephen M. Kavic, MD; Eric D. Strauch, MD

Concise and portable, this leading casebook for the surgical rotation presents a series of surgical cases that begin with a clinical scenario and progress step by step through the decision-making process of patient management.

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Print ISBN: 9781975112387
Connected eBook ISBN: 9781975178178
Publication Date: 11/15/2021

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Surgery Boot Camp Manual: A Multimedia Guide for Surgical Training
Alok Gupta; Daniel B. Jones MD, MS

This indispensable guide shows exactly what to expect in the wards and the OR, how to behave, and how to perform many of the basic procedures students may be asked to do.

Print ISBN: 9781496383440
eBook ISBN: 9781975122904
Publication Date: 12/6/2019

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Surgical Recall, 9th Edition
Lorne Blackbourne

Covering both general surgery and surgical subspecialties, this portable resource provides accurate, on-the-spot answers to the questions students are most likely to encounter during rotations and on the shelf exam.

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Print ISBN: 9781975152949
Connected eBook ISBN: 9781975178147
Publication Date: 2/1/2021

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The Washington Manual of Surgery, 8th Edition
Mary E. Klingensmith; Paul Wise

Written by teams of Washington University residents and faculty, the updated 8th Edition focuses on the essential information students need to know, providing concise, high-yield content that covers the broad spectrum of patient care in general surgery.

Print ISBN: 9781975120061
eBook ISBN: 9781975120092
Publication Date: 10/16/2019

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