Lippincott Clinical Context combines Lippincott’s market-leading learning medical education solutions under one umbrella.

Select the resources that align the best with your curriculum. The suite includes virtual cadaver solutions, technical and procedural videos, world-leading online textbooks, and even telehealth training, offering medical schools and other healthcare programs a customizable digital learning program that saves time and creates a cohesive, comprehensive learning experience to prepare students for the new world of medical care.

Resources in the suite include:

The changing medical education landscape

No matter where they are on their educational journey, today’s students need new ways of training, studying, and interacting with instructors, attendings, and patients. Digital natives, they expect easy access to study materials, seamless communication, and interactive clinical tools. And COVID-19 has accelerated the need for new forms of training and care delivery.

Future-proofing your students

Lippincott Clinical Context sets students up for professional success:

  • 24/7 access to resources
  • Focus on true-to-life clinical training, especially patient visits
  • Video-based instruction, with step-by-step procedural guidance
  • Self-assessments and quizzes to target remediation and support student-teacher feedback
  • Training on emerging technologies and care delivery mechanisms, like telemedicine
  • No need for anatomy labs and hard-to-find cadaver specimens, saving time and money
  • Select from six resources to standardize instruction across the curriculum and the institution
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