High-quality questions and calibrated statistics

PrepU is a powerful, online quizzing platform specifically aligned to your course’s Lippincott® textbook and designed to help you stay connected with your students’ progress. The adaptive nature of PrepU means that each student’s experience is personalized and different — so their study time is more effective and efficient, and their retention of course material and success rates increase.

PrepU’s questions have been calibrated for difficulty by students across the country, and each question is assigned a difficulty level. After giving the student an initial test to assess strength and weaknesses, the program provides tests that are right at that specific student’s level — neither too easy nor too hard. As the student takes practice exams they progress and are provided with gradually increasing levels of difficulty, exactly in accord with each student’s progress. Extensive research and efficacy studies show that this is an ideal and highly efficient way to learn.

PrepU’s faculty dashboard provides insight into their students’ performance — at the individual and class level — so they can identify at-risk students earlier in the course and monitor each student’s progress, strengths, and weaknesses.

PrepU benefits for instructors

  • Class statistics and reports track each student’s progress and level of understanding, providing insight into how well your students understand different topics.
  • Clearly identified student misconception alerts instructors to concepts which students commonly misunderstand using class performance data and allowing for adaptation to lectures and lesson modules.
  • Easy-to-use and flexible assignment center makes it easy to construct quizzes and exams, drawing from a storehouse of thousands of questions, while also allowing faculty to add their own questions.
  • Comparison tools enable you to contrast your students’ scores with results from their peers across the nation.

PrepU benefits for students

  • Personalized quiz builder uses data gathered from each student’s performance to create personalized quizzes that focus on exactly what they need to understand and continuing to challenge them as they grow and learn.
  • Personalized reports give students feedback about their performance — broken down by topic — so students know exactly where to focus their study efforts.
  • Quick and meaningful remediation offers a detailed answer key for each completed quiz including rationales for each answer and references to the corresponding text to help students quickly remediate.

If you are already using PrepU and would like additional instructions to ensure you are getting the most out of the experience, please review the PrepU Tutorial

PrepU really changed my teaching approach. The whole thing changed me! It changed how I was thinking about the class and how I was teaching.
Dr. Sheryl Cifrino, Professor, Curry College
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