The digital transformation of the medical library

Medical librarians are facing a rapidly changing world. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated an already-shifting industry, forcing teams to transform and digitize their delivery of resources, research, and information to clinicians, patients, students, and faculty.

Vast amounts of new research, preprint studies, and digital solutions can be challenging to navigate and discern which resources have the most updated, accurate, and evidence-based information for clinicians. The librarian role also continues to expand and support an overburdened healthcare system, including educating patients, training clinicians, supporting quality improvement projects, and supporting faculty curriculum. Throughout it all, teams are facing reduced budgets, resources, and personnel with the added pressure of proving ROI for these digital transformation initiatives. 

Modern medical libraries require modern solutions: ones trusted by users and easy to adopt. With a range of evidence-based digital solutions, educational resources, and academic journals, medical information professionals can provide clinicians, researchers, students, and faculty with leading information and resources, empowering them to provide the best possible care to all patients.

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250+ Million annual research queries across a range of specialties

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6.5 Million clinicians use health solutions from Wolters Kluwer

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33% Of care decisions changed after reviewing clinical evidence

Solutions to empower medical librarians in clinical settings

Provide clinicians with digital resources and evidence-based information from solutions they know and trust.

Solutions to empower academic medical librarians

Support faculty and residents with curriculum resources like interactive educational tools, the latest research, and telehealth training for a hybrid future of patient care.

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