Exceptional customer service, year after year

The NorthFace ScoreBoard Service Award is presented annually to organizations that not only offer exemplary customer service but those that embody a deep commitment to being customer-centric. The award is considered a leading benchmark for customer service because of its unique “customer-only vote” criteria to measure both customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Over the 12 years, four solutions have received repeated recognition for customer service: Ovid, Lippincott Solutions, AudioDigest, and UpToDate.

Stacey Caywood"As an organization, we are committed to sustaining a customer support staff dedicated to the highest possible care to our clients. We are thrilled to be honored as a NorthFace ScoreBoard Award winner for the twelfth consecutive year. That the results of the NFSB audit come directly from our customer base is incredibly important to us, as we are truly impacting their key business outcomes."

Stacey Caywood
CEO Wolters Kluwer Health and Global Growth Markets and CEO of Health Learning, Research & Practice

Expert solutions recognized for customer service

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