Driving healthcare innovation for better patient outcomes

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving and digital transformation is changing the way clinicians and patients interact, health decisions are made, and future doctors and nurses learn. Advancements in artificial intelligence, workflow solutions, and evidence-based clinical information at the point of care can empower the entire healthcare ecosystem to improve health outcomes, safety, and costs.

But it's more than hype - and the healthcare industry recognizes it.

At Wolters Kluwer, data scientists and developers work closely with clinical experts with one shared goal: to harness AI, the latest clinical information, and leading digital technologies so patients can stay connected to care teams, staff can feel relief from burnout, and clinicians can make better and more equitable care decisions to improve outcomes for all.

The next wave of healthcare innovation

Stronger evidence, richer knowledge, more insightful data

The future of better patient care is here.
Artificial intelligence in healthcare

Educating the next generation through virtual solutions and the metaverse

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