Know and empower your members

Leaders at health plan companies are navigating a rapidly changing healthcare industry. Understanding a holistic view of members is key to delivering quality care, educating and empowering members, assessing risk, maximizing reimbursements, and meeting value-based care contract requirements.

But challenges remain, especially concerning member health data and history. Mountains of unstructured clinical information and siloed data systems within companies prevent health insurance teams from having a holistic view of the patient and accurately assessing risk and costs. Constantly changing standards, clinical recommendations, regulations, prices, and codes are manually updated. These challenges impact the bottom line and having sight into ROI and population health trends.

Robust, integrated solutions and evidence-based clinical information in the right hands can reduce administrative costs, improve member health and engagement, and increase revenue. Providing plan members with engaging, personalized information empowers them to be informed decision makers and partners in their own health journey.

By centralizing data governance and processes, harnessing clinical natural language processing (NLP) to gain member insights, understanding clinical recommendations, and empowering members outside of care settings, health plan leaders can meet modern care requirements, optimize costs, and impact member health outcomes.

Solutions for health plan executives

Our suite of evidence-based solutions empowers leadership at health plans to provide teams with clinically sound, data-rich tools to make business decisions and engage members in their own health journey to improve outcomes.

Addressing healthcare challenges for health plan executives

Explore how expert solutions from Wolters Kluwer can address specific challenges across the health continuum.

Expert Insights for health plan executives

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