Financial services organizations are continuously being challenged to develop better risk management indicators, more integrated risk management, and to embed risk in the front office. All three lines of defense are tasked to improve performance and develop links between risk and finance to produce risk-adjusted performance metrics. The first line is critical to ensuring an effective risk-based approach is in place across the organization.

The OneSumX suite of solutions helps firms gain two critical views of risk - financial risk independent of regulation, and risk management from a regulatory view. Looking at risk through these two lens’ helps provide firms with a holistic view of their risk profile while considering the impact that increasing rates of supervisory changes across jurisdictions has on their business.

OneSumX for Risk Management is contract-centric where data only needs to be collected once in order to measure all financial risks. The solution automates the numerous work-around processes that institutions have built to reconcile siloed risk outputs. This reduces the through-the-cycle time, and frees up teams to focus on more value-add activities. It also generates expected and unexpected cash flows based on anticipated events over the lifetime of a contract with events reflecting a macro economic outlook and market risk factors. Through this, a firm’s strategy and the expected behavior of counterparties are taken into account.

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OneSumX FRR - the ability to connect it all together

Wolters Kluwer OneSumX FRR is a best-in-class integrated regulatory compliance and reporting solution suite that establishes a single source of data for finance, risk and regulatory reporting.

To achieve sustained success, our OneSumX solution suite provides the building blocks for all finance, risk and regulatory reporting requirements to enable you to make clear decisions in today’s rapidly changing regulatory environment.

In our new awareness video, we showcase the full integrated value proposition of our OneSumX for Finance, Risk & Regulatory Reporting offering.
Sharpening risktech's cutting edge - Maximizing value from risktech investment
This survey report and whitepaper, commissioned by Wolters Kluwer, explores the current challenges, priorities and trends influencing banks’ investment in risktech and assesses how they can drive better value in the future. Through data collection and interviews with senior professionals across a range of banks of varying geography and size, the survey determined a number of global trends.

Key features and benefits of the solution include:

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A holistic approach to risk: individual risk types are not siloed, but integrated

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Scenario management which integrates market, credit, behavioral, and business factors

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Balance sheet management with full projections and modeling capabilities

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Integration of financial risk management metrics and Basel-related local jurisdiction regulatory metrics

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Projections of exact regulatory metrics to assess scenarios along regulatory limits

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A “Regulatory Update Service” guaranteeing Basel metrics are maintained in line with local regulations and reporting requirements

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