Managing data and expectations
OneSumX CECL introduces firms preparing for CECL with a solution that collates, standardizes, and enriches data with the additional measures mandated by the new accounting model’s standards.

The solution has the technical and functional scalability to move firms from a tactical to more strategic approach to manage CECL compliance. Firms receive an integrated and fully auditable system that helps reduce month-end costs. The solution also automates classification through flexible business rules and provides an end-to-end view of the CECL process.
OneSumX CECL provides a range of benefits for impairment and current expected credit loss model support. The solution helps your team to:

  • Develop and build up a current expected credit loss model that needs to be run in multiple scenarios
  • Execute expected credit loss calculations and accounting which can work with expert judgment or Q factors
  • Apply available for sale calculations and accounting
  • Disclose FASB requirements
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