When it comes to contract management, time is of the essence. A missed contract deadline or a lost contract can present serious financial and reputational risks to the business, and negatively impact your position as a trusted business advisor.
Contract lifecycle management (CLM) is the management of a contract from creation, negotiation, execution and renewal. CLM software allows organisations to streamline the lifecycle, leading to cost savings, increased efficiency and driving sustainable growth.

Expert Insights

Take control of contract management

Tired of chasing down colleagues for the right version of contracts or for gathering signatures? Struggling to get colleagues to follow the correct contract processes? Optimise contract lifecycle management, mitigate risk and create value for your business with Legisway.



Create custom reports & KPIs

Always have the right insights by generating reports and tracking your team's performace with KPIs to demonstrate value and align with business goals.

Law firm

Simplify contract creation with document automation

Empower colleagues to self-serve with templates and optional document automation integration to reduce risk.

Public admin

Close deals quicker

Streamline contract renewal thanks to flexible workflows and tools like e-signature integrations.


College University

Identify and access contract risks in a timely manner

Stay in control of mitigating measures, receive alerts for key deadlines or changes made to your contracts.

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