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Legal07 April, 2021

Benefits of adopting a cloud-based practice management for your law firm

Increasing competition and emerging technologies are adding pressure on law firms to offer more to their clients – be it in terms of price, service, or both.

According to the 2020 Future Ready Lawyer Survey, only 31% of lawyers believe their organisation is well prepared to keep pace with changes in the legal market. However, technology-leading organisations do much better - 62% of them are very well prepared to keep up with expected changes and were able to increase their profitability compared to the previous year.

Naturally, lawyers in small law firms in particular focus primarily on their core competencies; to offer their clients the best possible service and, above all, to meet deadlines in order to protect their clients' interests. However, running your own law firm is also associated with many administrative tasks, which can take up a lot of time, that can be otherwise be utilised for high value work.

But how can individual lawyers and smaller law firms with a limited budget and limited resources not only keep up in a strong competitive environment, but also continue to offer excellent client service?

The answer might be through a cloud-based practice management solution.

Small to mid-sized law firms can address many of their day-to-day challenges by ad a cloud solution that provides the IT infrastructure, such as storage space, computing power and software specially developed for the cloud as a service via the Internet. Such a solution works by centralising and managing all your data on a single platform rather than on a local server, e.g. the office server.

So, it is normal to wonder how your law firm can benefit from a cloud solution compared to on-premises software and what makes a suitable cloud solution?

First of all, mobile use is certainly a great advantage here. Since the software is on a server, lawyers can access their data and information from anywhere with any device.

The other big advantage is that lawyers in particular with a low budget and a manageable IT landscape have the opportunity to keep their costs under control while increasing productivity and improving collaboration.

The key it to make sure the cloud platform you choose to implement is secure. You can determine the level of commitment and effort a cloud service provider put to ensure your law firm data is safe, by looking at their experience in the market and certifications on data safety.

It is clear that cloud-based software for practice management offers great advantages, especially for small to mid-sized law firms, in terms of efficiency in case management, client relationships and collaboration with colleagues. What’s more, it can help your law firm be future-ready!

If you are considering legal practice management software for the first time, or if you think it could be time to move to the cloud, then it's time to consider Kleos. Learn more here.
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