5 things you need to know about CCH OneClick
Tax & Accounting11 June, 2021

5 things you need to know about CCH OneClick

If you are a CCH OneClick user, you will already be familiar with the benefits of secure online collaboration and saving time. But are you making the most of the recent improvements? 

CCH OneClick gives your practice a single place to manage all client communications and provides clients with instant access to important documents. 

Here are five recent updates you should know about:

Document approval password 

You now have the option to disable the document approval password requirements for your clients. This change is made within the CCH OneClick environment and not at an individual client level, meaning that the requirement is either turned on for all clients (by default) or turned off.

To request disabling of the document approval password requirement for your CCH OneClick environment, please log a support ticket with the subject "Disable document approval passwords”. 

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) ‘Remember Me’ 

When a user logs in to CCH OneClick, they are asked to enter an MFA code. Users will now see a ‘Remember Me’ option. Selecting this removes the need to enter an MFA code for 30 days. This option is user or device specific, meaning that a user may elect to be prompted for MFA on their computer but not their phone for example.  

Allow documents to be sent for approval for non-activated clients  

Documents can now be sent for approval to a client, even if they haven’t yet activated their workspace. 

If a user who hasn’t yet activated their account is sent a message or document, the link in the ‘new message notification’ email will take them to the account activation page. Users who have activated will simply be taken to the login page.  

Improved file speed 

To improve the user experience and the speed at which files are transmitted to and from the practice, a limitation has been added - no more than 20 attachments per message sent from CCH OneClick. 

Similarly, to optimise performance for CCH OneClick users, we have introduced a maximum file size of 500MB which can be uploaded to Messages & Documents, as well as restrictions around certain file types.  

Data collection changes 

Within Digital Data Review, you can now hide income sources on a client’s Digital Data Request by selecting “Not Applicable” from the drop-down menu, under status for each income source. By marking the status as N/A this will not be visible on the client-side. 

A configuration key “DDREmailNotification” has been added in CCH Central which allows you to stop email notifications being sent to your clients when making a Data Request. 

We have also introduced the ability to switch off the messages option against Income Sources and the Client's Digital Data Request information can now be exported to PDF. 

If you want to find out more about CCH OneClick, register for this on-demand webinar to find out more about using CCH OneClick for secure online collaboration and communication with your clients. 

Don’t forget to check our Customer Community for details on upcoming releases for CCH OneClick 

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