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Legal10 July, 2018

CASE STUDY: How Vebego got entity management under control

As legal counsel, staying on top of corporate housekeeping can be your biggest challenge, especially when it comes to entity management. As the central point for managing corporate records, company structure, compliance and risk across multiply entities, you want to be accurate and thorough in all that you do. And this can be hard if your info is spread across various spreadsheets and databases, as they simply weren’t built for such a task.

So if you find your current system for managing corporate housekeeping for your company and it’s subsidiaries a little fragmented, to say the least, then Claudia Jacobs, Privacy & Legal Officer at Vebego, can surely relate.

Vebego is a family company operating in facilities management and healthcare space. With more than a hundred companies and joint ventures spread across four countries, managing corporate records was once problematic. This all changed when her company decided to invest in legal software, Legisway, after seeing a demo.

Entity management all in one place

Like in many legal departments, Claudia’s old system didn’t centralise entity information in one place, so she wasn’t able to tie information about different entities together for reporting. It wasn’t user-friendly and had to be heavily customised, which came at a cost.

With Legisway, she was finally able to do away with disjointed systems that don’t speak to one another. “With Legisway, I can link all the information together: contracts, shareholders, companies, appointments and more. When I make a change in one place, the system updates everywhere. I don’t have to do it over again. It’s automatic.”

Up-to-date corporate structure

Vebego now has a visual overview of all their entities and related subsidiaries across all countries, as Legisway helps Claudia create organisational charts in just a click. “I needed an up-to-date structure of our legal entities at all times. Legisway makes that possible. And with a lot less work than before,” says Claudia.

Easy to set-up & easier to use

Setting it up was a breeze, even though Claudia had been worried about migrating the data from the previous database they’d been using. She was delighted with how easy it was to migrate data from their old system to Legisway saying that it took just one phone call.

On an ongoing basis, the system is intuitive enough that minimal training is required for new-comers. And with a fully up-to-date legal department, compliance and productivity have never been better!

If you want to improve entity management like Claudia, discover how Legisway can give you an accurate overview of your organisation’s legal entities, empowering you to deliver on reporting requests quickly and to provide value to stakeholders when needed. For more information, schedule a free demo to see how Legisway can work for you!

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