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Power up Supply Chain Planning Performance

A webcast for improving your consumer products Supply Chain

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At the beginning of the century, consumer products companies were unquestionable supply chain thought leaders. Consolidation and massive restructuring, however, resulted in industry-wide declines in growth, operating margin, inventory, and customer service. 

In this webcast we explore five main factors and provide key steps for improvement: 

  • Alignment. Organizational alignment issues grew – and continue to do so. The gaps between operational and commercial teams are a barrier to improving performance. 
  • Talent. The talent gap in consumer products companies widened with greater dissatisfaction among supply chain planners. 
  • Complexity. Complexity increased, but few managed to eliminate bad complexity and build efficient, effective processes to manage a more complex product flow. 
  • A decline in Innovation. Technology innovation declined. The industry went from 21% to 4% innovators. The focus on IT standardization drove a decline in process innovation. 
  • Lack of Governance. As organizations grew, few companies built well-defined governance models to guide decision-making. 

Lora Cecere, Founder of Supply Chain Insights, and Camille Walker from Wolters Kluwer CCH Tagetik Supply Chain Planning explore specific actions to take to power up supply chain performance.

You can download the checklist provides insight into key actions to counteract the decline and put more power behind your supply chain planning.

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