FinanceAugust 22, 2019

Comparing the Legacy Consolidation Process to a Modernized Consolidation Experience

A comparison of two different consolidation approaches

Should you stay with your legacy or spreadsheet consolidation process because it works? Because you've invested in it over the last 20 years? Because it's what you know?

… Or should you make the switch to a modernized solution, which promises to prepare you for the future, but also means a financial investment, a learning curve, and the burdens of a software implementation?

These are the questions today's finance teams grapple with as they struggle to manage the onslaught of IFRS updates, business growth, big data, and demand for profound analysis. To help you weigh the pros and cons, this whitepaper compares two companies – Saint-Gobain and EuropAssistance - who have two entirely different consolidation approaches.

It's only by seeing how legacy systems and modernized solutions work in real life that we can truly understand the value of a modernized approach to consolidation.

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