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FinanceSeptember 01, 2017

Hunterdon Medical Center

Hunterdon Medical Center implemented CCH Tagetik’s software solution for Budgeting & Planning, Financial Reporting, Cost Accounting
CCH Tagetik has provided Hunterdon Medical Center with a unified solution that is able to meet our budgeting and cost accounting needs in a timely fashion. From the beginning, CCH Tagetik was a company that Hunterdon Medical Center felt we wanted to do business with because CCH Tagetik cared about the success of our business.
John Torley - Financial Manager
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Back in 2010, the company financial department diagnosed incurable problems caused by the hospital’s aging financial systems and the massive use of spreadsheets. The budgeting process became increasingly complex and more prone to errors. To complicate matters, users would send multiple iterations back and forth via e-mail during budget negotiations.

Considering that there were over 100 contributors and very limited resources, the finance team needed a new solution to simplify and gain more control over these processes and to also overcome challenges on the cost accounting side because there was no insight into the logic of the allocations being performed.

CCH Tagetik Solutions

Using CCH Tagetik, Hunterdon Medical Center was able to implement these various requirements quickly and shorten their budget cycle time. Because CCH Tagetik has a single database, the finance team is able to monitor progress, update reports and make modifications as needed. The reporting and cost accounting processes are now unified in one application, with one user interface and one database. Using the built-in features of CCH Tagetik, the hospital has been able to bring its balance sheet, income and cash flow statements in balance without journal entries. Since it can easily adapt the financial models and templates during the collection processes, it has significantly decreased planning cycle.

Main advantages

Table title

Unified financial solution

One application, one user interface, one database

Shorter Budget cycle

Balance sheet, income and cash flow statements are in balance without journal entries, thanks to the built-in features

Faster planning and reporting cycles

By adapting the financial models and templates during the collection processes the company has significantly decreased planning cycles

Fewer errors and better security

Elimination of manual errors by minimizing the use of spreadsheets and gaining data security

Increased collaboration

Users share information, activities, and deadlines more easily, increasing the level of collaboration

Consulting independence

Complete upgrades without  professional consulting
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Financial Close & Consolidation
Manage your financial close and consolidation with CCH Tagetik's software from local close to group consolidation to regulatory reporting and disclosure.

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